Fragmentary girl                              To Sylvia P.           

Better leave this dream here
Before it turns to be a nightmare
The passion you feel
When you read the words
Will never reflect on
Your face to the world

Yet you've forgotten
Your daily needs of communication
Do they only know
The trouble you're getting in
Their noise is just too loud
To let you breath
A circle of people
The smell of humanity it used to be

And you can't wear out
this lonely face
all you want to be is anyone else
you're lost among the pieces of your memory
the only word that defines you is FRAGMENTARY

Under the glass bell
Living on your mind - a whole world
Where emptiness reigns
Some ideas dictated by the doubt
But no one will ever care about
The pressure is high and outside
They're free, they'll never share
Your own reality

Sleeping eyes, what's wrong with you?
Will they any longer ask you
No reciprocity, no mirror, nothing in common
Desperation has disconnected it all
Satirical, ironical? Not at all...
You're just fragmentary

Under your flesh 
The thrill of your emotions
Swimming in a mess
The image of your devotion                 
Brest. 2004


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