Sometimes I wonder
What's on the edge of you heart
Are we still the same
When we dance through the shadow
Of what we once promised to be

I gave you trust
You gave me lust
Thought we were strong
But light just left us 
Both defeated and ashamed

Oh how I wish
You could see my path
With all the stones
In my eyes and bones
It was just an other split

You saw every part
Of me at a glance
Since we knew
Time was just a thief
I went deeper and lost

Tell the truth
I never meant to be the one
Who would teach you 
How to love
You were love, I was astonished

Your dazzling grace
Is nothing compared
To the whole truth of you
Sometimes I wonder
Am I Florestan, and you Eusebius?

Soon light will get rid of this draft
We will all be one, same and one.

Jeune fille devant un miroir


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